Objectives and plans

Objectives and plans

Grafostil company has been achieving a continuous development for many years, which is a result of thorough planning and accomplishment of the set objectives and plans. Following and application of all technological achievements, modernization of equipment and facilities, optimization of production processes, continuous education of the experienced and new staff lead to a higher level of quality of products and services, increase of production capacities and widening the range of finished products, which is definitely a guarantee of stable business cooperation with long-term clients but also creating new projects with new clients.

In the years to come, the accent of our development strategy will be on breaking into new markets, primarily on those of West Europe and Russian Federation, whereas the ultimate goal of the company is to become the regional leader in printing industry, also recognized in Europe for professional attitude, timely and quality service, respected by the competition and evaluated by customers as a good and reliable business partner.

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